The Concept

Pure Napkin’s concept is based on the time-honored Asian tradition of offering guests a refreshment towel upon arrival or after dinner.

The Pure Napkin Concept was born from a desire to keep that tradition while realizing the vital importance of a disposable, hygienic, biodegradable towel, a true environment friendly replacement for the cotton towel.

Pure Napkin towels are compressed into convenient small tablets.
Pour a small amount of (scented) water on the tablet and it will rapidly change into a full-size moist refreshment towel.

Presentation plays a vital role in the Pure Napkin Concept.
Specially designed for a stylish presentation we offer a wide selection of trays and bottles suitable in many restaurant ambiances.

The use of Pure Napkin doesn’t stop in restaurants.
Whenever and wherever the comfort of a refreshment towel is desired, Pure Napkin can do the job: bars, beauty and hair salons, while sporting, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, while traveling, with a picnic…..all you need is a little water.

Pure Napkin in the Spy Movie

Pure Napkin vs Cotton Handtowels